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Panda Rescue

BobDBobD Posts: 374Member, PRO
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Coming soon - Panda Rescue and Panda Rescue HD

Help Papa Panda rescue baby panda Stevie and his animal friends who have been captured and caged by an evil circus ring master.

There are 60 levels to complete in total, providing hours of enjoyment.

To complete a level you must rescue all of Stevie’s friends, remove all obstacles, and end with Papa Panda on top of Stevie’s cage. But be careful – if you touch the floor or go out of bounds, Papa Panda will be captured by the evil ring master and his crew.

Based on the great template from TshirtBooth!!

Short Panda Rescue YouTube video :


  • JadarStudiosJadarStudios Posts: 264Member
    Nice! Did you make all the art yourself?
  • capitalcarnagecapitalcarnage Posts: 371Member
    Not sure if you have updated it since the video was made, but when you fail the level the retry button still flashes the zombie drop green flashing retry button
  • svnsvn Posts: 445Member
    This looks a lot like Zombie Drop... I think there is a new sub-genre of puzzle game: the Zombie Drop game.
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