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cartoony artist needed for project (paid)

mutinysoftmutinysoft Posts: 59Member
· I need 5 birds flying from right to left (animated). They must be simple and cartoony like the ones from “angry birds”. They must also have an animation of them falling through the air with a banana lodged in them as if they were shot by a banana.

· a monkey with a banana cannon with a shooting animation animation.

· a banana (animation) flying through the air like a ninja star (left to right)

· I will also need a “how to play” screen made and a “home screen” made with 4 buttons (play, reset game, how to play, rate)

· And an icon for the game

it will be sold on iphone, ipad, and mac.

I will give you the option of either accepting 150 USD for this project and will not be listed in the credits or game articles


you can accept a 25% revenue share of the games profits (this means you will have your name on the game’s credits and will be listed under the team that is making the game and will also have articles written about your process.

we do marketing, press releases and other PR for the game because we have a lot of direct contacts with major websites such as pocketgamer. So our games tend to receive more than the average downloads a developer would get.


  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Posts: 1,113Member
    You should be giving the artist credit regardless of whichever payment they agree to.

    Whats your logic in giving credit, only if they take less money or no money upfront? Thats a very sleazy way of conducting business if you ask me.
  • outsidethebyteoutsidethebyte Posts: 115Member
    You can contact me and see design examples:
  • jazappjazapp Posts: 10Member

    here are some examples of my cartoony graphics. This sounds like a reasonebly sized project and I have some spare time on my hands. If you are interested, you can let me know at honzazv (at)






  • 3d103d10 Posts: 471Member
    sent an email.
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