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Does anyone here make a living making gamesalad games?

chaleychaley Posts: 226Member, PRO
I'm wondering how many folks are generating enough money from their Gamesalad games to be financially secure enough to make a job/career out if it.


  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,686Member
    Yeah like TSB said we work pretty hard up to 16 hours a day here and it's 7 days a week.

    I think you will either a) have to be lucky enough with an apple feature, more likely if you get good press coverage (being good at marketing helps) or b) make lots and lots and lots of games.

    If i wasn't so busy with DBA i would make 4 games a year 3 months each as it's just too risky to make 1 massive game the way the app store works.

  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,686Member
    Nice one! it's a cool tool.

  • chaleychaley Posts: 226Member, PRO
    OK... Cool. Thanks for the responses guys. It's definitely encouraging.
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