Alpha Balls gets a great Unsolicited Review!!!

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Well nothing makes you feel better about the game you have created when you get reviewers checking out your game without your request. Thats what happened this morning. let me know this morning they had written a review for Alpha Balls, and best of all, Its a great review. Check it out here.


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    Congrats! That's gotta give you a good feeling. Nice video by the way what did you use to make that?
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    Lovely :) Congratulations!
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    Thanks Guys, I doubt it will help any sales this far from release but I guess you never know.

    Grubby I believe Uptimistik used AfterEffects for the video.
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    Ah, I could tell it wasn't an iMovie job!
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    Find my soft alpha balls... Sounds sexy ;)

    Great news Tenrdrmer, well deserved!

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    uptimistik said:
    Hmm...and a 'Not so bad' rating from you know it's good LOL

    A Nice Surprise

    by rotstik
    Deflect incoming balls with the use of a small rapid-fire gun or large-ordinance cannon. It sounds simple, but strategic targeting, weapon energy management, and multiple random targets make for some truly exciting "close-call" moments. You needn't destroy your targets, just nudge them out of your planet's path using as little energy as possible.
    This could be a five star game with a few tweaks:
    -More exciting scoring; bonuses for bank shots and combos, and points for successfully diverting obstacles (with more points given for larger targets) would be a huge improvement over the simple timer currently employed
    -Better powerups; weapons, multipliers, etc.
    -More interesting graphics; everything is flat and lifeless, with no special effects or defined style to speak of
    -Additional modes; I'm thinking balls that collide with each other, and artillery (perhaps something with a blast radius) capable of dealing with them
    Technically, the game is mostly there. Hit detection and physics are immaculate, and crashing is a non-issue. The frame rate tends to chug when multiple balls and rapid-fire share the screen, but this may be due to the iAds in this free version. I couldn't view scores on GC from inside the app, but they are being properly posted.
    Overall, this is a great free pickup. If it were to spend a bit more time in the development oven, I'd fully recommend the paid version. Fun stuff.

    Something tels me that Custom Splash Fooled this guy into thinking this was not a GameSalad game. LOL
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    Great Review for a great game! :)
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