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HQ Original Music Avalaible

keyeskeyes Posts: 7Member
I'm a Film Composer looking for credits in the field of videogame music.
That means that we can find a great deal for both if you need high quality Original Music for Your Games.
I contact you to show you my works, in case you may need original music for your next projects
Please check out my website for infos on my works, biography and Demo Reel.

Direct Link to my samples is

All my works are usually done at KeyeStudioS my personal project studios, i use a mix of digital instrument and acoustic ones (i play flute, piano and percussion) tnx to the help of various sessionmusicians that works with me.

Film Music Composer specialized in Thriller, Horror, Drama Movie, Fantasy, Documentary, Comedy, Animation and Cartoon.
His music is present in the best Music Library worldwide specialized in movie music and production music (credits Rai and Mediaset, the biggest Television Network in Italy).
In 2010 he receive a Nominee for best score in a Documentary at Jerry Goldsmith International Film Music Award.
In the same year he follow he Masterclasses and Seminars of FIlm Music Composition with: Michael Giacchino, Oscar Winner for Up and composer for Lost), Nathan Barr (True Blood, The Hostel), Dave Grusin (Oscar winner for Milagro, composer for The Goonies), Randy Edelman (composer for Dragonheart) and Christopher Lennertz (Medal of Honor, Quantum of Solace videogame).
In 2011 he receive two Nominees for "Best score in a Documentary" and "Best Score in Promotion" at Jerry Goldsmith International Film Music Award.

Latest Works
2011 POE Poetry of Eerie (by various directors)
2011 “Hyde’s Secret Nightmare” (by Domiziano Cristopharo)
2010 “Bloody Sin” (by Domiziano Cristopharo)
2010 Documentary about the Italian Architect Tamburini ( By Henry Secchiaroli)
2010 "The Museum of Wonders" by Domiziano Cristopharo
2010 "Butterfly Rising" by Tanya Wright (True Blood, Csi, 24)
2009 "La Fano dei Cesari" by Italian Director Henry Secchiaroli
2009 "Dead Enders" (Usa)
2008 “Monkeyshine” by Gene Fallaize
2007 "Apette" by Andrea Baldassarri.
2004 "The Mongol King" (USA) by Anthony Vallone.
“He’s a very emotional composer, but also cerebral, with sophisticated and refined musical formulas. We’re going to take a close eye on him, for sure.”Conrado Xalabarder (professor and film music critic)

“L’utilisation de la musique (composèe par Kristian Sensini) est parfaite, accompagnant avec délicatesse et fermetè les séquences les plus importantes du film.”L’écran Fantastique (french Movie Magazine)

“I listened to the film music samples. By far the best for me was the Rivendell one it has personality, and a good melody.” Rolfe Kent (Film Music Composer)

“The music ebbs and flows in just the write places, enhancing my vision for the film. Kristian creatively approached the music from the same place I wrote it. It was a perfect match. He is an excellent composer and will always be grateful for him.” Tanya Wright Director
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