"A Brave Ball" Now Free

schultz7schultz7 Member Posts: 8
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
I have decided to make A Brave Ball free for the next few days! Check it out if you have some time. Its Free!! So take a look and see if you like it.

Thanks for all the help from the community. All your posts and templates really helped me out making this game. Thanks all! Hope you enjoy it!



  • PortgasPortgas Member Posts: 71
    i figured out the gameplay only after 40 seconds, this black\white circle is confusing, you'd better replace it with animated finger
  • schultz7schultz7 Member Posts: 8
    Yeah sorry about that. The black circle is my touch when i play the game. The movement of the touch was so quick it was hard for me to put a animated finger so i just left it as the black circle. Sorry about that.

    Just to clarify for everyone else, the black dot does not show up in the game it was just shown in the video to show the gameplay.
  • PortgasPortgas Member Posts: 71
    played it a couple of minutes
    art is boring and it takes some time to figure out what i need to collect. Gameplay is simple and nothing new, so you just need better art and ready to sale
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