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experienced gamesalad developer needed for app upgrade asap

error123error123 Posts: 112Member
Hi i have a position open for any decent gamesalad developers to work on improving one of my most successful and beloved apps Evilmaze.

the link of the app can be found here

i need someone to help make vast improvements to the app not limited to new artwork, timers, designs, levels ect. Anything that will be needed to help improve the game currently and make it look more polished.

Any suggestions the developer has i will also take on board and listen to in making the app better.

i need someone who is reliable, passionate, determined, friendly, hardworking and on time.

I have the old game files i can send you to work on. It should not take long at all as the game is a simple game. It should not take more then two weeks.

I can pay via paypal only. Please get in contact if you are serious only, and quote me your price.

my email is j.longmoor(at)

i look forward to hearing from any applicants


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