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Looking for a Graphic Artist

JackYdJackYd Posts: 93Member
Hey Guys I'm looking to hire a graphic artist. I have a lot on my plate right now and don't have the time to focus on art but I do have the money to pay for a GREAT artist.

I'm looking for artist similar to this style OR or similar to Jaylee Designs

Respond to this post if you feel your artistic ability is in par with what I'm looking for and I'll get back to you with what I need drawn. Availability and communication is extremely important!


  • debugdesigndebugdesign Posts: 886Member
    Hi Pik,

    Would love to help but Ive got 3 projects to finish which could take a couple of weeks. Keep me in mind for future projects tho.

    Have you tried Aldin?


    Game graphics for budding developers:
    Custom game graphics portfolio:
    Debug Design, part time gamer -
  • goliathgoliath Posts: 1,427Member
    I'd be more than happy to work with you. Here is my website if you want to check out some of my stuff: I am available now and respond very quickly to email. If you like what you see shoot me an email (freakzilla210(at)yahoo(dot)com).


    Check out my video game website:

    Check out my mobile game and art website. If you need artwork for your games, hit me up:

  • App SurgeApp Surge Posts: 651Member
    I would second the recommendation of Daniel. Absolutely fantastic to work with!
  • DJ_BurgessDJ_Burgess Posts: 11Member
    I can be of service - I am finishing a project currently, and (potentially) have another on the way. Once I'm on the job and rolling, I move fast and I'm quite good. My work can be viewed via my Linkedin profile.

    Talk to you soon.
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