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How long does Apple take to review my app? +Other Questions

SnapFireSnapFire Posts: 361Member
Hey all,

How long does Apple take to review my app once I submit it?

Also, once they approve it do I get to say the day/hour it comes out, or do they do it as soon as the approve it? I want to release my app on a certain day/hour/min and I wanted to make sure this is possible.



  • steve86steve86 Posts: 806Member
    Hey There

    It normally takes 7-10 days for Apple to approve your app. Before you submit your app Apple ask you when do you want your app to come out. You put the exact date you want it on the appstore. If it gets approved before that date Apple will wait until the date you selected to publish it to iTunes.

    You can only choose what day do you want your app to be published. You cannot specify an hour nor a minute

    Hope that helps


  • osucowboy18osucowboy18 Posts: 1,307Member
    Just to add onto what Steve said, when you specify a day, it becomes available at midnight...eastern daylight time I'm assuming.

    - Alex
  • SnapFireSnapFire Posts: 361Member
    Thanks guys. The reason I wanted to know was so that I could have a countdown on my website. However, if it comes out at midnight then I can still do that I suppose.

    Also, this is probably stupid, but when you specify a date it comes out that date's night at midnight, right? Not the next morning?

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