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***BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK android player***

ron.valron.val Posts: 16Member
Hey guys I was doing some reading and it looks like game salad android apps might work on the blackberry playbook. From what I read there is a repackaging tool that takes the apk file and turns it into a .bar file. But looks like some of the API from the android SDK is not compatible. But what I'm wondering is what coding language (java or c++ or something else) gamesalad used to make android publishing possible cause if im not Mistaken they all come with their own API. So maybe just maybe the blackberry playbook and also blackberry future QNX phones will run game salad apps through the android player. That's a whole other platform more people to reach gamesalad apps :) the playbook has a a screen size of 1024x600 so if u make one for nook or fire why not playbook :) CAN SOMEONE CONFIRM A SOUS CHEF A HEAD CHEF ?? I'm soooo excited !!!! :)


  • DZTECHDZTECH Posts: 216Member, PRO
    yes you can but it is not as simple as the repackager online. There are some things that need to be done in terminal and some other stuff. I submitted my app a few days ago to them. However it was rejected because of performance issues. Not my games issues but a game salad bug with android. I can't publish right now anyways because I keep getting errors. As soon as I can get a build of my game i'll make a video of how to do it.
  • ron.valron.val Posts: 16Member
    OMG!!!! that's easily one of the best things I have heard this year I'm super excited can't wait to help develop for blackberry they have become the under dog this year. As a Canadian It will be great to support them :) WOOOOOO!!!!! ( I'm dangerously over excited :P)
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