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Looking for GameSalad Programer

ForestNoirForestNoir Posts: 1Member
Forest Noir Productions is looking for a programer for our upcoming iPhone game/interactive short film "The French Inn" being produced as a major university undergraduate 4th year student project.

The app will consist of three interactive parts, one with each of the main characters, separated by linear cutscenes. Between the cutscenes, players will be able explore various areas in a 2D game space. As one of the characters, they will be able to navigate room to room, area to area and find items and non-playable characters to interact with. Certain items will be used to move the action forward. Players will be able to chat with non-playable characters using pre-determined questions.

We are looking for someone with GameSalad experience. We will be delivering all necessary assets (audio, visuals, script, flowcharts, etc.) to complete the game and would require someone who would be able to combine these into a finished product. The project needs to be completed in a deliverable form (feature complete and bug-free) before the end of January. If you are interested (or have any questions), please send your resume and some examples of your work to [email protected]

This is a paid position.


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