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♫♫♫ Half Price Music Offer ♫♫♫

applaudmobileapplaudmobile Posts: 208Member

Thought I should make a proper post heading for this offer rather than tag it on my other thread.

Special Weekend Offer (From the composer of tracks such as POM's Spin The Nut and Tshirtbooth's Tiny Balls....)

The first 5 custom tracks ordered between now and the end of the weekend will be half price, that's £50/$80 for a unique 30+ second music track.

Please send name, GS username, style, link to tracks you want it similar to helps to [email protected]

Cheers, Philip

For links to demo reel also see :


  • applaudmobileapplaudmobile Posts: 208Member
    I've got a couple of spots left on this offer (then revert to normal charges) so if you were thinking about it but haven't yet ordered please email me.

  • applaudmobileapplaudmobile Posts: 208Member
    edited November 2011
    edit : sorry posted to wrong thread, this can be closed now by a sous please.

    If you want a unique backing track for your game please email me for a quote. I've got a fair amount of spare time the next 7 days ahead so can likely turn around orders quite quickly.

    [email protected]
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