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Can not copy any songs or videos from iPhone to iTunes

bejphbejph Posts: 3Member
I am experiencing trouble with my iPhone. I have to reinstalled my
Windows 7 OS due to some trouble. When I reinstalled everything include
iTunes back, it can not automatically back up my iPhone to iTunes like
it used to. Also, I can not copy any songs and/or videos from iPhone to my iTunes.
Does anyone know how could I restore all my previous services I got before the reinstallation? Help!!
Very thanks.


  • cimengocimengo Posts: 1Member
    It's because you blew away the association between your phone and computer. You can't just walk up to any computer to synch your phone, and when you reinstall the OS you start over.
    There are a few tools that can rescue your songs. I assume you didn't back up any of your songs, before you reinstalled your OS, right? So your music is on the phone only.
    When I had a disk crash a few years ago, I used ipodrip to restore. It worked. Now I do regular backups. Consider doing that.
    If you do not understand what I've just said, let us know How to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes easily.
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