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Need Art done!

EthanZarovEthanZarov Posts: 156Member
Hi, I am making a iTouch/iPhone App, and I need drawings of towers. You can be as creative as you would like to be with these, and you do not have to do all of them. I need 8 'towers' for my Age of war type of game, one from each of these ages. Prehistoric(dinos), Greek(Be as creative as you like), Ninja Stuff(Again, be creative), Medeival(castle probably), Pioneer(Be Creative), Modern(Bunker),Future(High Tech), Space(rocket or something). If you are wondering about the space age, there will be a cutscene. Earth is ending, we must escape, save up enough money to evolve, you get a shuttle and fly into space and battle there, defending you space ship, so you dont go down to the cruddy, terrible, dead earth. So yea, that is my game. I know it is asking a lot for 8 towers, but again, do as many as you wish, and send in the pictures. Thx!

p.s. you will be listed in my credits. :)


  • TheBoss_123TheBoss_123 Posts: 60Member
    Thats quite a bit you're asking for, is there any budget, if so can you please post it?
    I may be interested depending on the budget.
  • SpriteAttackSpriteAttack Posts: 524Member
    It would be helpful to know what style/ perspective/ size you are after...

    @RKS - nice one ;)
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