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I'm wanting to create a facebook page, but not sure the best way to set it up ?

I have six choices at the start

1. Local Business
2. Company, Organisation or Instution
3. Brand Or Product
4. Artist, Band Or Public Figure
5. Entertainment
6. Cause or Concern

I'm just a meagre developer wanting to showcase / promote any games I create, so would I choose 2, 3 or 5 ? I'm not sure of the best categories to choose, and so would appreciate any help at this starting point, don't want to mess up this stage if I can't change it at a later date ?

If I choose 2, I get the pulldown and the only thing specific to me would 'Computers / Technology' that I can see, if I choose 3, the pulldown 'Games / Toys' or 'Software' which could apply, and if I choose 5, the pulldown doesn't give me anything specific, so I would assume my choices now would be 2 or 3 ?

So... would appreciate any input from those that already have set up facebook pages ! :)



  • ISOQUBEISOQUBE Member Posts: 3
    Actually, nevermind, bit of research online goes a long way, feel a little embarrassed I didn't just do that to start off with... :/

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