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UK devs - please help me!

CatGoneCrazyCatGoneCrazy Posts: 90Member, PRO
Hi everyone. I fear I've done something wrong in the tax section of iTunes Connect. I read in many places that I would need an EIN number from the IRS in America to put in the tax form so that the tax treaty between the UK and US would allow me to claim back any tax paid to the US government. So I was pro-active and got my EIN number. Simple.

But then I went through the tax bit of the iTunes Connect contract and it didn't ask for it. When it asked whether I owned or leased equipment in the US, I said 'no'. Was that wrong? Does iTunes itself count as leasing equipment? I only want to sell my apps in the UK and the US to start with at least. I've definitely done SOMETHING wrong. Either I didn't need to set up an EIN, or I've given Apple the wrong information.

I'm working in the UK, on my own. Does the W-8BEN not apply to me? Or should I have said I lease equipment in the US?

Please help, I'm so near yet so very, very far.


  • LeonardDeveloperLeonardDeveloper Posts: 4,630Member
    Im from Ireland, but we pretty much have the same taxation system as the uk, so you can pm me,
    but it might be better to send a pm to: stormy studio or Deep blue apps
  • CatGoneCrazyCatGoneCrazy Posts: 90Member, PRO
    I've spoken to Leonard here who was very kind to help, but we're not sure the rules are the same for UK and Ireland. Can anybody else help, please? What did you do when you signed the contracts on iTunes Connect? Did you say you lease equipment in the US? Did you need an EIN number?
  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Posts: 2,033Member
    As I remember (was about 2 yrs ago when I did mine)

    I don't ever remember anything about an EIN number (maybe I did it wrong and you are right though??), and no to leasing equipment in the US (unless you are of course)
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