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Game Won't Load Onto GS Viewer

SpielgoSpielgo Posts: 39Member
I download the latest iphone sdk, the latest xcode, and the latest gamesalad viewer. I loaded gamesalad viewer on my ipod touch and it seemed to work. However, when I tried to load one of my games onto it all that shows up is a perpetual loading screen. What is going on?


  • SpielgoSpielgo Posts: 39Member
    I tried loading one of the templates and it is also in a state of perpetual loading. What do I do now?
  • SpielgoSpielgo Posts: 39Member
    Didn't work. What now?
  • SpielgoSpielgo Posts: 39Member
    I tried shutting down the viewer and gamesalad several times like you said but nothing happened. The viewer is still on the load screen and the progress bar is not advancing.
  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    Are you using Little Snitch or similar ?
  • SpielgoSpielgo Posts: 39Member
    The problem was not little snitch, but was a similar problem. I figured out that the firewall was not letting incoming information from gamesalad through causing it not to load. Thanks for the help!
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