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Amount of Downloads For Your Game

EthanZarovEthanZarov Posts: 156Member
I am planning on creating some games, and I was wondering about how many downloads your games got so I can figure out if mine will be good enough to make a profit from after spending 99$. I was wondering if you could share the name of your game, the date it was published, and how many downloads it has. I want to know these to see what my games quality is like in comparison to yours so that if mine is worse quality (or better) I can get a better estimate. I am wondering all of this because I know Apple has so many accounts registered, but I dont know how many scan the app store and so happen to buy a game that isnt as popular as Angry Birds etc.



  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Posts: 9,934Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef
    Well not to crush your hopes and dreams But most apps don't make $100 If you want to make your money back and then some your gonna have to be fully committed to creating a very good game after taking a month or two to really learn the GameSalad tool. there is an unnamed entertainment app that was made with GameSalad that made like $3,000,000 and I know of a few GS games that made around $100,000 Lots of people make a living using GameSalad so it can be done but it takes a lot more commitment than most people have.

    It's not my fault I never learned to take responsibility for anything. ;)

  • EthanZarovEthanZarov Posts: 156Member
    thank you so much! That really helps me! I really am excited and don't worry because I am going to take a lot of time on it. THX!
  • DigiChainDigiChain Posts: 1,216Member, PRO
    Wow - that's sparked my interest!

    How do you know about this 'unnamed entertainment' GS app thats made $3,000,000!?... and whats it called ;-)

    As for the orig. question - seriously don't get your hopes up with your first app, the app store is not a get rich quick scheme. I'm currently working on my second game, its coming together quite nicely but I have no idea whether it'll just sink away when released. There are so many big games and large companies producing top-notch games that you have to have realistic expectations.

    Hope you still purchase and make your game though. Its a real thrill to see your game running on your iphone! - and a real disapointment to see no one is buying it! haha
  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,685Member
    If i remember it was an app not a game?

    tenrdrmer is correct most games don't make a lot but if you get your marketing head on they will make a lot more than simply releasing and praying for a feature.


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  • LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,868Member
    My best seller is a simple music app targeted at a specific target group.
    It sells only 1 or 2 a day.
    The lite version is up for a week now with iAds and this is now over 100 a day for the last days.

    I still believe that I can make a living out of it but I know it takes a lot of work.
    Not only building a good game but also getting the word out.

    Have fun building, don't expect to get rich.
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomPosts: 3,987Member
    yeah... the chances of success are small but they are there...

    I did however get my $99 back within a few months on my first simple Baby Sleep App. "Contented Baby Sleep' was just a sound board really but sold enough...I also made a HD ipad version a year later.

    In between I made a few other games, my most successful was 'Quake Builder' (I made a few variations, lite and free with adverts. The free one got around 250,000 downloads in 2 weeks when it went from paid to free. I then tried to get adverts up as quickly as possible and it made a fair few bucks for a couple of months... now I get about £40.00 a month from it.. but it varies wildly... and looking back there is so much I would do differently if I made it again...

    Escape Artist which I spent about 3 months working on in my spare time earnt pretty much zero. To be fair I knew the game was'nt much fun to play, but it looked nice....and as always I just keep learning more and more about game design, graphic design, gamesalad tips and tricks, marketing theory and maths lots and lots of maths...
  • EthanZarovEthanZarov Posts: 156Member
    Thank you everybody for commenting! I now have more of an understanding, and I really am going to work hard on my game/app! Thank you for the information! Anyone elses opinion/info?
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