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EthanZarovEthanZarov Member Posts: 156
I am wondering if anyone knows about an iOs iPhone viewer. I can tape stuff, but when I download the GameSald viewer, all I get are a bunch of random files. Not to mention, does anyone know other programs to view an iPhone? Even just to view me playing Angry Birds etc. THX!


  • FLPAppsFLPApps Member Posts: 34
    Hi etzer,

    Tshirtbooth has a video on his YouTube channel on how to download the GameSalad viewer to your iPhone.

    If you want to have a regular iPhone screen viewer, however, you need to have it jailbroken. Then there are many programs out there to view them, just Google it.
  • yxsjwsbyxsjwsb Member Posts: 4
    You can also push the viewer to ios simulator during compile.
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