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Hi there my name is Parker Richard, I am currently Lead developer of AcaiGames.
I’m of the age 17 and am a one man team developing iOS Games, i started my interest in computers at the age of 7, i remember my first game i played was dig dug on my gameboy sp. And ever since that day i had a dream to go further than just playing games i wanted to know what went behind the creation of them instead of just sitting back and playing a game i wanted to (CREATE) To start my own company “”small”” of course nothing big but always knew deep down in my heart this was and is what i’m called to do, to innovate, design, create & and most important make a change. I've spent many sleepless nights envisioning how i or we can make a change, and create. Working a full time job and coming hope to work even harder to dedicate and pursue my passion.

With all this said i’m a self driven and self motivated teenager with a passion to develop games, but have recently come under the impression of major stress of doing it all on my own, so i’m reaching out to the community here @ GameSalad looking for 1 teammate to help me out to be apart of my vision.

Skills Needed: GS Developer, Designer, Imagination, Dreamer, Motivator

Not all these are required just at least one of the above, i’m currently working on my first game title: Candy Craze. Near finished but still in need of help.

If you are interested please contact me @acaigames@live.com or add me on skype @acaigames Or you can even contact me personally through text or Phone call @ 337-500-2931

I’m offering for split in profits of income made though the games we achieve design and create together, Apple gives 70% income being 70cents per sale 40% to Me “leader” and 30% to you “partner”

I’m Not just looking for a Partner i’m looking for a long term friend, a partner who as we together will uniquely share share our expertise to develop and bring together great iOS Titles for all ages.

Thanks Parker Richard (CEO) - AcaiGames.


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