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Hello, I'm currently developing a platformer-adventure game using GameSalad. So far I've met only 2 problems with it. Could you please help me solve them? Could you please give me some tips on them? 1. How can I make my actor move only when I'm manually changing it's velocity when it still has to bounce when colliding with other actors? I think it's Physics what I mean. How can I disable physics? I'll give you a real example: door. I need door to be movable to move them to a certain position when some action is done to open it. But I need it to stay in place when colliding with a player and it can't let the player pass through. Well I can make it unmovable and change it's movable attribute to true when door attribute is opened but then my door is still able to be moved while it's opening. I hope you got me right. 2. Second thing is a problem with my Player actor. It has to be affected by gravity so I make him accelerate to the bottom and then friction affects player's movement so I changed friction to 0 but now when my player has to climb up onto rotated platform, it slides down and doesn't stop sliding. I want my player to walk at the same speed on the rotated platform as always. Thanks for the help.


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    1. Set up rules and booleans to control what state your door is in and what it should be doing. Its really hard to understand what you are trying to accomplish so I can't really offer much more advice beyond that.

    2. Does he tumble down, or slide down. Tumble means gravity is bringing him down. Slide means friction and gravity is bringing him down. ( I guess the first one is effected by high friction to cause the tumbling if you want to get picky). But you get my point.
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