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Actors stacking on each other.

SxarcisiousSxarcisious Posts: 45Member
edited November 2011 in Working with GS (Mac)
I have actors that chase the player actor, but they all seem to stack up in the same place after a chasing the player for a bit. Is there a way I can have those actors not stack up on top of each other and maybe try to walk around each other to get to the player or something?



  • SxarcisiousSxarcisious Posts: 45Member
    Thanks. I was just playing around with what you suggested. I first did the if colliding don't chase, but doing that when they collide they don't move at all ( not even if the actor being chased is in range). Then I tried the following: when actor1 collides with actor1 then move to self.Position.x & y + 30... which all that did was shoot them across the screen. I want them to still be able to chase the actor, I just am trying to figure out a way they won't all stack on top of each other.
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