Terms of Service question

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I just signed up and read this section in the Terms of Service that makes me nervous, especially for the unwary. Am I misinterpreting this?

It appears that by using this service, the owners of gamesalad have the legal right to take a game I created and market it on their own and keep all the revenue from it, thereby competing with me, the creator. It appears to indicate there's way to protect myself by recording some exception during the submission process, but I don't see that option further down in the Terms of Service contract agreement. There's some pretty strong legalese language here:

"You agree that Gendai Games is free to use a Submission on an unrestricted basis for any purpose, and you hereby grant to Gendai Games a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, fully paid up, royalty-free, sublicensable (with the right to sublicense through multiple tiers of licensees) license (in any media, whether known or not currently known and invented) to link to, use, reproduce, create derivative works from, syndicate, license, print, sublicense, distribute, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise communicate, publicly display and publicly perform the Submissions, or any portion thereof, without notice, payment or attribution (unless expressly specified by you during the submission process as further described below) of any kind to you or any third party. "

Feedback is greatly appreciated.


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