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Help my fiance win top bride!

COBGamesCOBGames Posts: 114Member
edited November 2011 in Miscellaneous
She is currently only 80 votes out of first place. You can vote daily and enter for a chance to win $500 gift card to Michael's! Please help Thanks.


  • COBGamesCOBGames Posts: 114Member
    thanks! time does fly been engaged for 6months and the wedding is in 6.5.
  • COBGamesCOBGames Posts: 114Member
    thanks we are now like 20 away from first!
  • COBGamesCOBGames Posts: 114Member
    voting for first keeps going back and forth, we are now 300 up but the other people seem to have some way of getting tons of votes in a short span of time. their votes will stop for a while then in an hour they get like 200, then they stop and then after some time it happens again. so keep voting!
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390Member
    Hey, just voted for ya, well, ya wife ... Although i was unsure, you know i might need to see a picture without you in it .... and for her to maybe be wearing less clothes or something ;)

    Good luck man, when does it end?
  • COBGamesCOBGames Posts: 114Member
    ha, everywhere i post the link people say that same thing...that is only for me :)

    ends dec 12, so vote everyday, thanks.

    i should make an app with the link in it, haha.
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