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About Censorship and Construct 2

perfectanswerperfectanswer Posts: 121PRO
edited December 2011 in Non-GS Game News
regarding the censorship here at the forum, I send my post via PM to some users and via mail(they delete the post after 5 minutes).
Why the heck a post like this can't stand on the forum?


  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    edited December 2011
    Because your not asking about it or trying to discuss it. You clearly have some monetary gain from it. your trying to recruit pro members and spamming peoples pm's. You were already warned against that and told not to do it. Please refrain from making any more threads about it. If you have a problem with that, contact the guys at gamesalad.
  • mynameisacemynameisace Hull, UKPosts: 2,484Member
    People know that there are alternatives, they don't need them shoved down their necks. Most people here are using GameSalad for a reason and don't want other software shoved upon them. The guys at Construct 2 have a bad attitude towards getting customers, they play dirty offering free memberships to GS pro users and post blog entries that are obviously aimed at the GS censorship and trying to stir the pot. It will bite them back one day.

  • Recruit pro members? C'mon are you serious with this?
    Who make the discission my post is spam? Several times on this forum you will find discussion about other game making engines here.
    It's not all about your descission to delete everything was looks like a competitor to GS, mainly it makes me angry f my posts died after 2 minutes.
    I receive no pm from you or any explanation WHY this post was killed from the forum.

    Sorry John, but your behavior is childish and btw. who has warned me against that and WHEN?

    To delete any criticism or the people to silence is no solution
  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    edited December 2011
    Yes you will find discussions. You trying to recruit pro members, sell a product on the forum (which by the way is not aloud on the forums anymore, gamesalad templates arent even alloud to be sold on the forum anymore) and spamming pms is not discussing. Like i said you clearly have some monetary gain from it. Its considered spam cause your pming people and posting trying to sell a product. Thats spam and not what the pm's are for. You were told by the head chefs last time you made this thread and they closed it and deleted it.

    In the end weather its about what you were trying to pitch or somethign else its irrelevant. you cant sell anything on the forum anymore period besides gamesalad development related services. And there was indeed sales trying to go on there. Because you also posted that you can purchase for less then a gamesalad template.

    Like i said if you have a problem with it contact the guys at gamesalad.
  • mynameisacemynameisace Hull, UKPosts: 2,484Member
    They had a free offer for GS pro's last week

  • I don't try to sell anything and btw. I'm a GS pro user.
    I post a link there gs pro user receive a construct license for FREE - not selling. I have nothing to do with the construct company and post this only for other gs pro user to save the bucks for testing this.

    And NO head chef told me about the delete of mypost (as I descripted above bevor you cut the most of my post)
    anyway, it's not worth the energy and a waste of time to discuss this.
  • applaudmobileapplaudmobile Posts: 208Member
    Would you sit in a Porsche dealership and tell other customers to go round the corner to buy another make because they have an offer on?

    From your tone it sounded like you were pushing the competition. I think the decision to remove your comments and link were correct. If the competition want our business so badly let them promote themselves better.
  • Not if I am a Porsche dealer,
    but what if am I another customer in the porsche dealership? ;))

    I can't understand why anyone think in black & white. There is no rule that says I have to work with only one tool.
    And sorry if I hit not the right tone in this, maybe the reason for this is I am not a native speaker, but believe me, the competition between the tools is not affected if I make a post, this kind of decisions are made on other places ;)
  • ozboybrianozboybrian Posts: 2,102PRO

    I only read like the first three comments, but the first one John said wasn't childish.
    I'm sure you deserve an explanation but Sous Chefs are the Sheriffs in this town, if you don't like their rules/suggestions, as you've said, there's plenty of alternatives ;)
  • mynameisacemynameisace Hull, UKPosts: 2,484Member
    edited December 2011
    I just checked my PM and look what was sat in there:


  • applaudmobileapplaudmobile Posts: 208Member
    Ace you just posted what was deleted originally !!!
  • mynameisacemynameisace Hull, UKPosts: 2,484Member
    edited December 2011
    Haha, I never even thought of that! Was just trying to prove how he words his sales tactics... Let me edit the image


    Edit: The image is now edited.
  • @SSS: PM
  • UrsulanonameUrsulanoname Posts: 5Member

    Gamesonomy is a great engine too.

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