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Is there any other way to host or distribute a gamesalad game besides throught his website?
My game Dreamscape ( ) is nearly 3 times the limit of the game size for it to be hosted here, and I don't want it to go unnoticed. :)

Please help!


  • superNESsuperNES Member Posts: 166
    Hey there. The website is currently the only way to share your games - however we are evaluating other methods of distributing games with larger file sizes. We will be sure to announce those once we are able to.

    In the meantime I would suggest double-checking the size of your game assets. Be sure that images are as close to in-game resolution as possible, that way you're not wasting unused image space. Also you can apply compression to jpg images. As far as audio, use mono sounds whenever you can, compress sounds to lower sample rates, and perhaps constrain to 22khz.
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    Yea cutting down on my image sizes helped alot! But when i did this my game was still to big (fairly simple game) So i recreated my game and it is almost 8x less memory then it was! i will be publishing it pretty soon still some minor tweaks to be made.
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    soooo.. is gamesalad limited to 10mb or the appstore is limited to 10mb.
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    If you plan on trying to cut down file size by reducing already imported sound/graphic files, word of advise. There is a bug that keeps all the file sizes no matter if you delete it within the editor. I found a way around this.... (pasted from another post)

    This is how I fixed the problem:
    I clicked on my gamesalad project and right-mouse-click and selected "Show package Contents" and opened my "Sound" folder. I then deleted all my sounds and then copied them again into the "Sound" folder.

    I just went from 12.4 MB down to 2.5MB !!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone is having issues with files size; make a copy and try replacing images/sound files this way and see if this helps.

    Why this worked, I do not have a clue.
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    On a side note, robschultze - I really like the music in your demo - who or what is it?

    Did you make it?
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