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Hi Everyone!

WarlockWarlock Posts: 66Member
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Nice to meet you. My name is Dwayne Ferguson, the Art Director of the animated TV show Mutant League and comic book creator (Hamster Vice and other cool stuff). I'm really excited to make games you guys will enjoy. I'm planning on making a side-scrolling action game or a platformer featuring my characters.

I'm totally new to all this but I plan to keep a journal as I learn and experiment. I'm still working on my profile but you can see the insanity of my world at my site

Talk to you soon. I look forward to playing your games and hopefully you'll enjoy mine:)

Dwayne (Warlock)


  • NexusGameStudioNexusGameStudio Posts: 265Member
    Welcome to the forums Dwayne. Great to see your interest in GameSalad and I hope you make some kick-**** games :)
  • dereklaruedereklarue Posts: 121Member
    Welcome, The forums is a great place to get help when needed. Also check the wiki for some howto's!
    Hope to see you around! Its good to see the GS community growing! :D
  • WarlockWarlock Posts: 66Member
    Thanks:) I plan to rock the house with cool games. I'm ready to bring the thunda!
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