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Release before appstore lockdown or after. And December in general

jazappjazapp Posts: 10Member

we have a game nearing completion and I would like to hear your oppinions on release date. Is it a good idea to release now, or let´s say on the week before Christmas and appstore lockdown. Or should we wait till the new year? What do you think?


  • applaudmobileapplaudmobile Posts: 208Member
    edited December 2011
    Personally I would wait until after when there are lots of new devices out there looking for apps on the app store. But I've never released one this time of year so don't know which works best in reality.

    Oh wait - when does the lockdown get lifted? Perhaps before then!!

    "Another helpful reply from Applaud" lol
  • ChobbifaceChobbiface Posts: 491PRO
    I haven't published any yet, but I've heard differing opinions for publishing at holidays. Some say you get swamped by the big companies, whereas others say they get a big holiday boost in sales. Anyhow I would submit sooner rather than later if you do decide to publish at Christmas. Next week is appstore lockdown (23rd), if you submit this week you might get it, but submitting next week might be pushing it.

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