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dogfishdogfish Member Posts: 12
edited December 2011 in Introductions
Hello community,

I haven't yet introduced myself. My name is Dane, and I discovered GameSalad about 2 months ago.

My story: Studied mechanical engineering, learned visual basic. Went to lawschool (for patent law). While studying for the bar (which I barely passed) I came up with a great game idea. I was already using Engine001 to make a zelda-style adventure game embellishing all the adventures and mishaps that I got into with my college buddies. I used that engine to design the puzzle levels for my new game, but knew I needed to get into the mac universe. Couldn't find any programmer friend to start a game company with me, so I searched, found GameSalad, and knew I could make the game myself with GS. I plan on making this a full time job because it's way more gratifying than my current desk job.

I lean heavily on the forums and love the sense of community and discovery that comes from it. Thanks in advance to everyone that helps solve my questions. Greatly appreciate it.



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