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Good, free marketing for starters

calebdanielscalebdaniels Posts: 54Member
After considering myself a pro at marketing, I came to recognize that sometimes the most simple method sometimes lends itself to be the best. 'the best' in this case is used in the sense of what would be best for a beginner who has a tight budget, or maybe doesn't even want to spend anything. A few days ago, LTi (, aka "List Your Top iPhone Game" had only a mere 300 likes. Even at 300 likes, LTi did surprisingly well at reaching an audience. Now, two days later, LTi has 714 likes and is steadily growing. When a Facebook user posts their game on the LTi wall, it reaches a lot more people than you would expect. Not only that, but it's free. I recommend that anyone with a game that they could be proud of should go to the "List Your Top iPhone Game" page and submit a quick description, link, and screenshot of their game. You will be surprised. Let me know how it goes!

Here's the link -
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