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Free grammatical/spelling correction

calebdanielscalebdaniels Posts: 54Member
I'm a grammar nazi in most cases. Having proper grammar and spelling in your website, write-ups, and reviews is very important. The children of this generation may not mind, but I do. I also know that incorrect grammar, spelling, or punctuation is the lead cause for turning someone down. If you can draw someone in with good, captivating sentences, you can sell them a product. No offense, but many of you have a /lot/ of errors on your sites and iTunes write-ups. I'd like to, for a limited time, fix those for you. In the future I would like to be paid for doing editorial work, but for now it's free. Send me an email at calebdaniels0 (at) if you want something done. If I've already helped you, consider leaving a thanks in the comments so others would see that I'm legit?


  • EthanZarovEthanZarov Posts: 156Member
    edited December 2011
    Legit, however, is not proper grammar, I don't think. Oh, and don't insult my grammar; I am 12 years old, also trying to use lame grammar that nobody cares about unless...blah... Oh look, I made myself go to sleep
  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    @Etzer, their is no need too be so negative. I would think that because your 12 you would be xtra thankful four this service;

  • calebdanielscalebdaniels Posts: 54Member
    @etzer, while the word in question may or may not be proper grammar, it is listed as a word on, a credible source. Oh, by the word "nobody", I assume you mean other 12 year olds?
  • calebdanielscalebdaniels Posts: 54Member
    Thanks, @RKS.
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