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(Service)App marketing, High traffic to your video

SmokeyRatSmokeyRat Posts: 1Member
Hello GameSalad users,

I'm here to help you promote your apps! I have a service that will give you lots of views to your videos about your app.
I'm doing this for Youtube and Vimeo videos.
I strongly recommend using Vimeo which will get you views way faster.

I will promote your video on my high traffic blog that gets thousands of hits a day!

Some of my services

20,000 views on Vimeo in 24hrs - $65.00
10,000 views on Vimeo in 24hrs - $42.00
1,000 views on Vimeo in 5hrs - $9.00

As for Youtube
1,000 Views in 24hrs $15.99
It's very complicated to promote videos on Youtube for the fact of the Freeze counter.

I will also offer a refund if it takes longer than 24hrs or if you don't get all the views.

If you have any questions contact me at [email protected] or post in the forum below


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