Howdy gamesalad-sters! Who is in the CT NY area?

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I wanted to finally properly introduce myself.

I have been inactive with gamesalad for a long time and after the recent updates I could not help but marvel as to how far GS has come around.
I think I must have joined up a couple years ago, but I'll be honest with you guys; although I liked where GS was going at the time, I was not too impressed with what it had to offer and I went with the MUCH more expensive iTorque 2D. Blaaaagh!

I am a visual artist first, so when I have to go into code-land I can loose interest in the how-to need-to very quick when it turns into a coding mess. I used to work for "the fruit", so simplicity of design only make absolute sense, which GS strives for. GS is now more like a mix of torque, dreamweaver and flash, which I feel very comfortable with. I'm two weeks into a app I have been building (about 50% done) and I have been having a blast with the ease and common-sense style that the SDK has to offer.

Any of you people in the CT, or NY city area?


-RP (aka Dane)


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