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Hey everyone - I'm working on a few projects at the moment.

One is simple - this one I can't wait to get out :D

But another one i'm making is a Dinosaur game, i'm usually great with ideas, but how would I make a Dinosaur game work? When you play as the dinosaur and fight other Dinosaurs. I would appreciate some suggestions please : )

- Platformer? Fighting / Arena Style? Not sure.... Thanks all!


  • ClockClock Member Posts: 308
    Focus on the one your think it has potential first. One at a time man.
  • ozboybrianozboybrian PRO Posts: 2,102
    hehe, I do a small project and big project at the same time :)
    Been working well lately :D
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    Seek inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Go to the meusem, watch some dinosaur movies and play some different types of games featuring dinosaurs. If you are thinking fighting, check out Primal Rage (not that it was that great, know). Cadilacs and dinosaurs (arcade version) could offer inspiration. Maybe Jurassic Park: The lost world (PS1) there should be vids of all these on YouTube.
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