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Lunar Smoke - Level 10

KamazarKamazar Posts: 287Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
I uploaded level 10 (my favorite) of my upcoming game Lunar Smoke. I just now realized that it's kinda hard for someone that hasn't played the game before. I'll upload level 5 or something else a little easier by tomorrow, but the current one is kinda cool to mess around right now ;)


  • ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
    I like it, i just wish you can reset when you are stuck somewhere. also, I love the graphics.
  • KamazarKamazar Posts: 287Member
    haha, thx ^^ I'll try to add in a couple buttons, one to reset the level, and one to reposition the ship at a 90 degree angle.
  • Nubc4kesNubc4kes Posts: 4Member
    A button to sit the ship back up would make it a lot more fun to play. I kept getting stuck :(
  • KamazarKamazar Posts: 287Member
    Problem solved. I also left a comment in the feedback section, but anyways, I replaced level 10 with a slightly more fun and polished one, and I added two new features. A vertical boost regardless of what direction your ships facing, and a reset level option. Should play like a dream now. Thx for trying it out ;)
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