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Making a Game. A money Making Game.

ozboybrianozboybrian Posts: 2,102PRO
So guys...

I have this Great Artists.
A great Advertising scheme.
A Time Limit (Kinda)

So, my plan is to make a Facebook fan page for the game BEFORE it comes out.
So obviously i'd have to save the game name prior to doing that.

But i'm not sure if i'll get the game out in time or not.
Could be late or even early, earlier is better but you know me, and the fan page could really help.

Do you think I should skip the fan page or go full steam ahead?

Thanks guys!

P.S I've been working on another Puzzle Type game which is almost ready to be released so don't stress! I am making progress for once lol. :)


  • ozboybrianozboybrian Posts: 2,102PRO
    Bump 1/3...
    Note: some people on my Skype friends list aren't able to log on today, they're getting a Screen that says "Oh noes...etc" lol :S
  • EthanZarovEthanZarov Posts: 156Member
    Umm, I would skip the fan page, personally. I think that it would slow it down and if you are on a limit, I dont think you will get enough popularity within a week or so to really change the amount of sales. I would skip that, and maybe publish a lite version, prior 3 days.
  • ozboybrianozboybrian Posts: 2,102PRO
    I see. Well it already has popularity haha! but I will put that into thought. Thanks buddy.
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