Tuts and Contests

EthanZarovEthanZarov Member Posts: 156
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Hey guys,

I have two ideas for sub forum categories. You may reject them if you wish, but I like them.

1. Tutorials

I think that there should be a forum where people can post their own tutorials for people. I know there is a CookBook, however if other people want to make a tutorial that has not been covered or wish to share, they can in this category.

2. Contests

THe Think Outside The Box Contest is a huge contest, however, I think other people should be able to start their own contests. A thing that could come with this is GS Points, which can accumulate from contests, and use them for coupons on GS Templates.

Again, you can reject these. If you wish to add or subtract any part of this, please do and comment


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