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what's cookin,

my progress on what i thought would be a relatively 'simple' space invader clone has been hampered by a strange bug.

whenever i save my project, it is working fine at the point that i save it. but when i re-open it again. some of my variables/attributes are lost. they just cease to exist. so i have to recreate the attributes and then re-plug them back into their rules and behaviors. at first i thought it might be because my project was started in the previous version of gs. so i saved to a new name in the newest version. but the same thing happened. it kept most of my variables but dropped or deleted a few.

this situation also uncovered another bug that exists, i think. when i recreated the attributes in my enemy actor prototype, the instances that were present in my scene ended up having two attributes with the exact same name and type. the actor editor should not allow attributes with the same name. it should append some title like 'copy of...' or something. i ended up having to delete all the instances and redeploy them from the prototype again.

i don't have a clue why attributes just disappear. it was just deleting one particular variable every time. which i thought was odd. but it has since deleted a couple. it is to the point now that before i can continue adding new behavior functionality, i have to run the preview to see if it still does everything i put in previously. then i have to go through every behavior in every actor to make sure nothing has been changed.

i sort of hope this is only happening to me, so i at least know that the program is stable and i must be doing something wrong. has anyone else had any similarly frustrating experiences.


  • harrioharrio Member Posts: 234
    what's cookin,

    still experiencing the same problem. variables being deleted from the prototype actors and from the rules/behaviors.

    at this point i can't make any progress with my game because every time i open it, i have to figure out what is gone and fix it...again.

    any ideas chefs?
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    So are the variables being deleted global variables or only variables within a prototype already in scene?
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    This is solved I think. The problem attributes are of text type and have no initial value.
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    what's cookin,

    my apologies to everyone for not explaining this sooner.

    the wonderful head chef diagnosed my problem. with text attributes, you cannot have the initial attribute, global or local, be a nil value or empty. for my game.enemy_direction value, it could be either; left, right or down. but when i defined it in the scene attributes window i left the value blank. so gamesalad got medieval on my @$$ and deleted the scene declaration. but it would keep the actor instances of the variable because once the game was previewed at least once, the actors would have values assigned. i know, very freaky. but the monkey saved the day...once again.

    so now if i have an attribute with no initial value, i just make it 'nil'. funny huh.

    i'm good to go now, until i screw something else
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