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I'm wrapping up my first GS application (i.e. game) for the iPhone/Touch. It is a re-creation, to some extent, of an arcade classic that has been jazzed up a just a little. It was mainly a test to get to know the GS application as well as to see what could be done with it.

With the full-time day job, hectic nuclear-plus size family, (seasonal) depression, etc, I am truly in awe of what the GS application has allowed me to do and the little amount of time it took to do it.

I just wanted to give you all a heartfelt "thank you" and to tell you to keep up the great work. I think your product is amazing and I think it will turn part of my life around especially as our youngest, a toddler, becomes more independent.

I have become a paid member, just under a "company" name. I don't think this first app of mine will make much but the apps that I have in store should hopefully fair pretty well and if the "Pro" version of the product shapes up, I can see me gravitating toward that.

Again, "Thank You!!!"
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