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Small Jobs $15 Per Hour

BazookaTimeBazookaTime Posts: 1,274Member
I have a number of projects going on and I could use some help inserting graphics into my templates. I will provide the template and all of the art but I need an experienced person good at making things fit. In most cases there should be no need to tweak the game play unless the art changes something. However, it is a plus if you are experienced in using GameSalad and know what you are doing.

*I might also be interested in adding features to the game but that would be secondary.

Payment is half up front (of the estimated total) and if the work is less than an hour, payment is still $15. (I use PayPal for all payments)

Good Communication and the ability to come up with a realistic estimate is a must. I can use more than one person since I have multiple projects. For more information contact me via...

[email protected]


  • GuaveMediaGuaveMedia Posts: 1,262Member, PRO
    Sent you an email :)

    looking forward...

    Greetings Alex

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