Help Wanted: Adventure Game Designer

RustyMystRustyMyst Member Posts: 4
Hello. I'm looking for a designer who knows the Game Salad program well enough to design an adventure game. The game's perspective is a top-down foreshortened angle. The game will consist of one player-controlled character and one computer-controller support character in tow navigatig through maze-like worlds discovering items hidden throughout. The player will encounter enemy characters which can be defeated by multiple hit combinations triggered by a single action button. The player will be able to defend themselves and dash with two additional buttons. The game will have menus and panning story panels. All game related assets will be provided. I understand a game of this nature with these elements can be taxing even with the aid of Game Salad and compensation will reflect this. If interested please send me a message preferably with links to previous works. Thank you and God bless.


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