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iPhone vs. iPad pricing

KatAppsKatApps Posts: 84Member, PRO
Hey all,
Just wanting to get some feedback from those of you who make apps for iPhone and iPad. Do you make the price for iPhone apps the same for your iPad apps, if it's the exact same app but just formatted differently for both devices? Thanks!


  • POMPOM Posts: 2,599Member
    edited January 2012
    Usually the iPad apps are more expensive , and the mac apps is the most expensive , and its expectable imo
    Say if you have an iPhone app that is tier 1 , you should have no problem to make the same app for iPad , and price it tier 2 ,
    Yet again , if you feel bad about it (because its precisely the same as the iPhone version) , you can make them both the same tier .

    Bottom line , it really is depend on the app.

  • KatAppsKatApps Posts: 84Member, PRO
    Cool, thanks guys... appreciate your feedback :)
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