Announcing Pro Member Webinar for 0.9.90 Release

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Greetings GameSalad community!

We are pleased to announce that coinciding with our upcoming release, 0.9.90, GameSalad will be offering a free webinar available to Professional GameSalad members. During this webinar, we will personally introduce you to the new 0.9.90 features. Our internal game development team, GameTeamOne, will walk you through new feature implementation, frequently asked questions, and known issues. The webinar will also give Pro users the option to propose questions during a live, moderated Q&A session with the GameSalad staff.

The webinar will take place on Thursday January 19th at 11am CST. On the day of the 0.9.90 release, we will send out email invitations to all Pro GameSalad users. Our webinar software will allow for 100 Pro members to take part in the live webinar event. The event will be first come, first serve for the first 100 Pro members to join the event at 11am.

If you are a Sous Chef or Line Cook, we kindly ask that you refrain from attending as the information will be duplicate to what you experienced in the previous Sous Chef Ramp Up webinar. This will also allow more available spaces for Pro users.

Again, just to reiterate- email invitations for the Pro member webinar will not go out until the 0.9.90 release is live.

We can't wait to see you there and hope you take part in this exciting opportunity to learn the new features directly from our talented and knowledgeable staff.

See you then!



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