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Different User Accounts Crashing App and Solution

greenrhynogreenrhyno Posts: 152Member, PRO
edited January 2012 in Tech Support
Hey everyone, I just thought that I would share this since I just discovered it.

I do my development logged in as one user on my Mac, but when I am ready to publish I switch to a different user because I have multiple development accounts and have set up separate keychains for the separate dev accounts.

I had a problem with a project crashing in the adhoc build. I tested and it also crashed in the viewer, and in the preview from creator.

I believe the issue is that I was opening the project file from the other user account and there were some issues when building the project with the permissions across user accounts on my mac.

I tried copying the project file over to a local user folder, and then previewing it from there. The crashing stopped in the viewer app, creator preview and ad hoc. This is not something I would have worried about before, so I just thought I'd share. It is probably a minority, but if you are like me and build projects in one Mac user account, but then publish from another, it is best to copy the project file over to somewhere in the publisher user account folder before opening and publishing.


  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,914Member
    edited January 2012
    You can set file permissions in the get info of a file at the bottom of the window. So when you make a project on one user just change the permissions and as long as you don't save as the file will always keep the permissions you set. Osx is unix based so it whole structure is based on permissions, that's why it's important to use disk first aid one a month to check and repair permissions. Permissions are one of the main reasons macs don't get viruses!
  • greenrhynogreenrhyno Posts: 152Member, PRO
    Thanks FBS!

    I had changed folder permissions to use files across users, but didn't realize you have to change them at the file level too. I use Save As for at least a daily version of the projects. I think its easier to just save a duplicate project in the other user- Then I also have a record of the project files I actually used to publish too. But now I know I can also just change the permissions

    Thanks for the insight. I try to repair permissions often, but since you said once a month, I'll try and up the frequency.
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