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Hi there. I am looking for someone to develop the angry birds game which is available into an Angry Bugs - we are a company that has no applemac so are unable to do ourselves. Ideally it would be on as many platforms as possible.
If you are able to do this, please email me at - please email only.

Thank you


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    well the guys over at deep blue apps created a template this would be pretty simple to do for someone with that template i guess... you just need to supply the art... i however will unfortunately give this a miss my friend got to finish my current project ...that is unless you pay me like a million dollars! lol
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    you joined with no intention of using GS?
    and, why would want to go into the gaming business? or is this you, Oli?

    come on get a Mac or at least get a software app that will allow you to run Mac on your computer! you can google that!

    if we wanted to spend the time/effort in cloning AngryBirds into AngryBugs, we probably would do it for ourselves,
    as we do make games and do have ideas.
    GS template Cannon Physics is a good starting point for AngryBird games …

    you have the dream, you have the idea, get into GameSalad and make it real! we will help you do that!

    @};- MH
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    Wow. This is just sad.
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    email sent-- why is this so "sad" he just wants his app made and he doesnt have 1100$ or 3 months to learn gamesalad
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    @MJMDesign did you check out the poster?

    using the name Bioquell and their email; and knowing that he is Oliver King Digital Marketing Coordinator
    and the creator of:

    and do you think he needs your help or your ideas?
    and don't you think he makes enough to buy a mac?

    @};- MH
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    thank you @MotherHoose that saved me from a lot of lost time
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    strange thread after those last few posts... I smell something fishy... can a sous chef lock this thread please, i sense it going out of control soon..
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