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App for converting Raster to Vector

PixelgunPixelgun Posts: 111Member
Cocoapotrace is an application that can convert raster images (pixels) to vector images. It's similar to the trace features in Flash and Illustrator but, IMHO, it does a better job. It's really good for making solid shapes but it's not something you'd use to say, posterize artwork or convert gradients into vectors. Mostly you would want to use black and white art with anti-aliased edges. The interface is a simple drag and drop, drag your file onto the Cocoapotrace app and it creates a vector preview. There are some options you can tweak and then you can hit save and it creates an Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) file. The app is on a Japanese website and the download link is at the bottom of the paragraph of Japanese text.

There's more info about it from the creator of the webcomic PC Weenies.


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