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Shoot the Fruit - Free Archery Game on Android Market

scrapee_netscrapee_net Member Posts: 424
edited January 2012 in Announce Your Game!
Hello everyone. I have published to the android market, a new and simple game that I made. I named it "Shoot the Fruit".

Objective: Shoot the apple that your friend is holding over his head. Be careful. The smallest error can mean the death or injury of your friend. So, be sure to shoot on the right angle."


Please, if you have an android phone or tablet, download it and give 5 stars please. That's very important.

Link to the android market:


  • scrapee_netscrapee_net Member Posts: 424
    I would love to have a feedback... anybody interested?
  • MinkksMinkks Member Posts: 1
    Looks good! Try maybe a better variety of games? More polished graphics, and for iOS? :D
  • ultimaultima Member, PRO Posts: 1,207
    try.. insane amount of blood gushing, animated panic movement (team america), and screaming like a little girl.. you might hit audiences that watches saturday night live... (if you are in the state that is)...
  • scrapee_netscrapee_net Member Posts: 424
    I got so far 836 downloads on Android Market, in about 4 days.

    My other game Save Cubes Lite, for Android also, got so far 3.078 downloads. It was published on January, 18
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