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looking for artist or partner deal

EbreezeEbreeze Posts: 481Member, PRO
I have been working on and off on a game for over 8 months time around 4-5 months maybe. the game is looking pretty solid to be honest, the only thing that could really kick it up a couple levels would be some great artist spaceship/boss animations. i dont have alot of budget right now currently but in a few months i will. the game itself in my experience with the app store economy and amazon will at the very least make some money on the first week and a few updates to cover some costs too...just need a ballpark price from an experienced artist what they cost price per animated character or package....think big boss spaceship type stuff...also do you provide rough sketches before final product?
thanks ...please be 18 yrs or older...very experienced please


  • TouchTiltGamesTouchTiltGames Posts: 1,162Member
    Hey Ebreeze, what is the art style of the game and what is your budget? Check my folio and contact me if you think it might be a match...
  • EbreezeEbreeze Posts: 481Member, PRO
    thanks ...its a 2d side scroller that could use a ship (player/bosses) that animates up and down or side to side
  • TaidakenTaidaken Posts: 271Member
    Hey there, gimme a yell on [email protected], ill send you some samples of my work.and talk about what your after if your still in need of help.
  • EbreezeEbreeze Posts: 481Member, PRO
    Thanks you have a website?

  • EbreezeEbreeze Posts: 481Member, PRO
    feel free to pm me here on GS with your rates

  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Posts: 2,456Member
    @TouchTiltGames … thanx for the link … good to see the goodies you got there!

    not only, are you an expert judge of artWork … you do expert caliber artWork! =D>

    @};- MH
  • TouchTiltGamesTouchTiltGames Posts: 1,162Member
    Thanks MH! Art has always been my passion!
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