Miniature Golf game with miniature-art graphics

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Miniature Minigolf is a project I'm working on in GS, a miniature golf game with miniature art graphics. I am trying to get it released soon but it's a fair bit of work. It's about 80-85% complete right now.



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    Nice art mate!
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    I hope to have both a free version and a 99-cent version, available within the next 40 days.

    When there's an actual release I'll announce it in this thread.
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    I just finished a similar game called Championship Mini Golf which is in review right now. Hopefully we will both have success with them!
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    Looks really cool, I love golf games. I think it will do well, I released my mini golf game a couple weeks back and it has done really well.
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    Okay, there have been more than a few delays but at this point I think I'm really close. There were a bunch of bugs popping up which I didn't expect, most of those have been fixed now and the game is - barring new last-minute problems - probably within a week or so of release.

    I also implemented a couple of added features that I hadn't planned on initially, including some options on the setup menu. You can set the stroke limit per hole to 7 or 'none', for instance, or set up team scoring in four-player games, so two players can play against another two players, and have scores managed as a team. That's part of the good news, the other part being that I've opted to release an initial HTML5 version as freeware. It will be playable on the GS Arcade and on my site.

    The game has been renamed "Vivid Minigolf" and moved to a different webpage: The reasoning was to avoid confusion with and possible legal problems from, someone else's 'Mini Minigolf' game that I discovered halfway through development. The names were so similar I felt it better not to take the risk, so I shifted to a new name, new logo, new domain, etc, for this project.

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    Announcement: The game is on the arcade now (and the Vivid Minigolf website) but I'm finding a few unexpected bugs in it... now that it's actually in HTML5 form. It's mostly playable but... probably everyone should consider this first release a sort of not-quite-reliable beta version.

    Nonetheless, it's there now and it is sort of working.
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