Story Book - Artist Job***Paid*** wanted

dugisthekingdugistheking Member Posts: 83
Hello All,

I am currently seeking an artist to make a storybook. The first one will be a 10 page short story aimed at Children. I have art and character examples for reference and inspiration. Therefore I am looking for an artist to create these storyboards for me. They will be in ipad landscape form. Page story text will be written and then it is up to the artist to use his/her skills to bring the story to life. I am looking for either an experienced artist or a new artist to try their skills. There is no rush on this project so this can easily be done in your spare time. This isn't my first project, so if you work with me, I am flexible, honest and easy to get on with. Once a price is agreed 50% is received up front and 50% on completion (via paypal). Please consider this may also be a long term deal if the story book is successful.

If you are interested please contact me at - I will not accept offers over GS forums. Please provide a portfolio of your other work if applicable. You may be required to produce a draft mock up for one of the scenes. I look forward to hearing from you.


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